02 Jun

Brazilian food loved by Americans

Brazil is not only known for football or samba. The cuisine is also quite popular with foreigners, especially North Americans who are enchanted by traditional homemade recipes and why not creative? Check out now an amazing list to feel Brazilian. They are the most “root” and characteristic foods of Brazil. It is present in almost all Brazilian homes and people eat at least once a week.

Brigadeiro: The national passion related to Brazilian sweets. The perfect combination of chocolate and condensed milk. Many countries do not even dream of the wonder that the brigadeiro does to people. Tourists and foreigners love the brigadeiro and always adopt it in their homes when they experience it for the first time. And at Gostoso Bakery we have several types and formats. It is worth tasting a delight.

Coxinha: The most traditional salty dish in Brazil. Chicken and breaded pasta is the real reason for many Brazilian festive gatherings. The sensational saltiness that promotes our culture. Many famous people such as MPB singer Ana Vilela and country singer Belutti, from the duo Marcos and Belutti, have already tried our coxinhas, which are a brand at Gostoso Bakery. Come taste you too.

Cheese Bread: Breakfast from Minas Gerais is loved by almost all Brazilians. It spread throughout Brazil and became a brand in the morning salty. It is a light, homemade and very dear recipe. Brazilians who live or travel abroad always miss waking up to a fresh cheese bread coming out of the oven. And here in our restaurant, you will find one of the best types.

Açaí: The most beloved purple fruit in Brazil is açaí. Originally from Pará, açaí comes directly from a palm tree and has dominated all regions of the country. Foreigners get a real taste of nature and love the fruit as soon as they taste it for the first time. The sweet is also of great quality and Brazilians always feel the sensation of nostalgia when they relive the taste of açaí at Gostoso Bakery.

Feijoada: The typical Wednesday dish in restaurants, feijoada is the most traditional Brazilian food. Black beans, dried meat and the “less used” parts such as tail, ear, foot are very well known in the Brazilian family's homes. Brazil is one of the main consumers of feijoada and it is our main characteristic.

Did you like the list? Here at Gostoso Bakery you can find amazing and delicious foods on this list and more other foods that are typical of Brazil. Brazilians and especially Americans love and start to adopt these amazing recipes in their daily lives!

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